Is non-compulsory free education that consists of one cycle in two academic years for students age 16-18. Students who successfully complete the requirements of the Spanish high school Baccalaureate will receive a diploma. They may then opt for vocational training, a university education, or in some cases both.

At “Tubula” we offer Science and Technology Stream and Humanities and Social Sciences Stream.

The Spanish Baccalaureate consists of a series of required common classes, elective classes and specialization classes or streams known as “modalidades”, or concentration in a certain discipline. A student must specialize in one of the offered disciplines and if the students plan to continue on to university, certain concentrations may be required in order to be admitted into certain university programs.

Our proposal is as follows:

In this process we accompany the student to reach their future goals, we enhance teamwork and the culture of the effort that will make them competent in the future world of work. Our students will be strong, competent, autonomous, critical and supportive for the adult life.

We encourage the use of the English language as follows: we teach subjects in English; we offer small groups of conversation with native teachers from Ireland; we make use of the language classroom, space where students can also study and share experiences after classes.

The small groups in certain subjects that, because of their complexity make learning difficult, is a guarantee of success for our students.

The tutorial action with a tutor that accompanies the student in his two academic years facilitates their personal growth and helps them obtain the best results. Core skills training develops teachers’ pedagogy and gives students the tools they need to prosper in a globalised world, preparing them for the future in the best possible way.