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It is the possibility that the school offers students of 3rd year of ESO to take out in three academic years (from 3rd of ESO to 1st of Bachillerato) the High School, a degree that allows them to carry out university studies in the United States.

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The accompaniment of the student in his maturation and personal growth from the 12 to the 16 years. The family-school relationship is essential in this four-year process in which parents, students and teachers will be part of it, and where the student must be able to move freely     

Attention to diversity
We attend each one of our students from their diversity, there are no equal teenagers. Each student is different and each student learns differently. We will help you with flexible groups, small groups and different levels and optional subjects, both reinforcement and extension.

Emotional education is part of the day in our center. In Turbula the student must be able to feel happy and safe, growing with a firm step accompanied by all of us and thus to be able to make the decisions that the end of the stage will have to entomar.

The professional orientation to the student will help him in making future decisions at the end of the compulsory stage.


Stage of two courses that allows access to the University and the Higher Education training cycles.

The baccalaureates we offer in Túrbula are the Scientific – Technological Baccalaureate and the Baccalaureate of Humanities – Social Sciences.

The stage consists of two types of subjects, the subjects common to all the baccalaureate and those of modality, according to the specialty that our students choose according to their interests.

Our proposal is as follows:

Catalan Maths
Castilian Physics
English Chemistry
Philosophy Biology
P.E. Technical drawing
History Psychology / Sociology
C. Contemporary World Stage at company
Catalan MACSS
Castillan Business economy
English World’s contemporary history
Phylosophy Universal Literature (in English language)
P.E. Geography
History History of art
C. Contemporary World

In this process we accompany the student to achieve their future goals, we encourage teamwork and the culture of effort that will make them competent in the future world of work. After finishing, our students will be strong, competent, autonomous, critical and supportive for adult life.

We promote the use of the English language, distributing subjects in English, with small groups of conversations with native teachers of Ireland, the use of the language classroom space, space where outside hours they work, study and share experiences and works of the different curricular subjects.

The cooperative work in small groups in certain subjects that, due to their complexity, impedes learning, is a guarantee of success for our students.

The tutorial action aims to accompany the student by the same tutor over the two academic years, an aspect that facilitates personal growth and helps to obtain the best results in the stage and in the Tests of Access to the University. Training in competences will contribute to their incorporation into adult life and the continuous development of their learning in the future.


Why is this my itinerary?

  • You want to access a CFGS you already know and you are clear about your work.
  • The baccalaureate is the best way: it is the fastest and the one that assures a greater number of places to the CFGS (60%!)
  • If you want to make one of our CFGS in the Túrbula school or at another Center and want to secure the place. Our cycles have the highest labor insertion rates.
  • You still do not have the clear things: continue to study! Nowadays it is impossible to find a job without higher education.
  • Continue to form and go directly to a higher degree in just two years. When you finish it you will be very clear because you have received advice and will have matured.
Catalan language and literature 2 2
Castilian language and literature 2 2
Foreign language 3 3
P.E 2 0
Phylosophy 2 0
Sciences for the Contemporary World 2 2 0
History of Philosophy 0 3
History 0 3
Tutoring 1 1
Mathematics Social Sciences (Compulsory) 4 4
Company project 4 4
History of the Contemporary World 4 0
Company stage 140 0
Geography 0 4
Psychology and sociology 0 4


More significant features

  • Accompanying over the two years of the Baccalaureate in order to achieve the expected success.
  • Individual attention to the different situations that may occur during this stage.
  • Psychological assistance through the Center’s orientation department.
  • Tutoring of each subject through the teacher-area tutor.
  • Accompaniment in the learning process through specific material, videos, presentations, e-mail, etc.
  • Continuous availability of teachers consult about yours Attention to parents through meetings, interviews, telephone, e-mail, Clikedu program, etc.
  • Communication of attendance at classes on a daily basis.
  • Organization of trips, trips, visits to Entities and Universities during group tutoring hours.
  • English project in order to achieve the First or equivalent level.
  • Specific preparation for selectivity tests.