Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO), which generally lasts from age 12-16, is divided into two cycles lasting two years each. Our task is to accompany the student in his evolution from child to adolescent and respond to the diversity of interests, motivations and abilities of each of our students.

The purpose of this stage is to achieve the basic skills that favor the autonomy necessary for learning and for personal and social development.

The “Turbula” pupil must be able to grow in freedom and know how to think critically. In order to be able to do it, the student needs to be the protagonist of meaningful learning, with autonomy and respect towards the others.

The fundamental elements of CSE are:

Individualized Tutoring and Educational Help

For the student to be able to achieve academic performance according to his abilities. The figure of the individual tutor who accompanies the student throughout the stage guarantees the knowledge of the needs of the student and the enhancement of his/her particular abilities. The relationship with families is direct and constant.


Of the different curricular subjects, both required common classes and electives, based on experimentation and knowledge.

The student learns by doing. We have split classes in Natural Sciences where the student can experiment the contents taught in the classroom, every week. Additionally, we have split classes in Technology where students not only learn the use of ICT as users or programmers but also are introduced to Robotics.