Linguistic Project

The School’s Linguistic Project (PLC in Catalan) as part of the School Educational Project (PEC in Catalan) aims to be a multilingual project that regulates the use of languages in the different areas of the school.

The Catalan language becomes the backbone of the multilingual educational project and is the lingua franca of teaching and learning. The recognition of having to learn two languages, Catalan and Spanish, is a privilege that opens the door to develop in a plural society open to other cultures.

Regarding foreign languages, the school has chosen to offer English as the first foreign language and German as the second foreign language.

The contact with the English language begins at the Nursery School and its continuity is assured throughout Kindergarten, Primary Education, Secondary Compulsory Education and High School. Regarding English language, our school has been taking part in different projects of educational innovation since 2009:

  • An experimental Program of Foreign Languages (PELE in Catalan) – 2009 – 2012. It entailed teaching Music through English at Secondary level.
  • A Comenius Project – 2012-2014. Secondary level. It implied teaching Music through English and English through Music, and at the same time the great opportunity of providing intercultural learning experience through the exchange of students between different European countries that took part in the project.
  • Respectful of the freedom of conscience of both parents and students and consistent with the School’s ideas.
  • Personally involved with the student’s integral development.
  • Continuous training and project involvement.
  • A CLIL project (in Catalan called PILE) -2012-2014, which entailed teaching Art in English at Primary level
  • An experimental Group for Plurilingualism (GEP in Catalan) – from 2015 to 2017. It has implied teaching Visual Arts and Art in English at Primary level and Culture and Ethical Values ​​in English at Secondary level.
  • An E-Twinning project with different schools in Europe – English Language (Primary Education)

Our teachers are committed to collaborating with families to achieve an excellent level of use of educational resources. The rest of the school’s staff share our vision of education and they are active members of our comm

In addition to Catalan and Spanish, English is considered to be very important and it is taught through the CLIL approach, from Nursery School up to High School. Likewise, the students in 4th year of SCE make an end-of-year school trip to London, a project that began in 2009 and which aims to bring students in direct contact with English language and culture. It should also be emphasized that since the academic year 2014-15, an extracurricular activity has been carried out for students who wish to take the official Cambridge exams (PET and FCE). Another aspect that should be highlighted is the presence of the English language assistant from Nursery School up to High School, which is a resource of vital importance in the context of our school, as it offers the opportunity for both teachers and students to practice English.

The second foreign language, German, is introduced in 3rd year of SCE and is a two-year elective with continuity at High School as an extracurricular activity. The School is involved in various international projects such as E-Twinning with different schools of Europe.

This means that our students, at the end of 4th year of SCE must master Catalan as lingua franca and school language. Furthermore, they must master Spanish and one or two foreign languages in order ​​to become users and learners able to communicate and get access to knowledge in a plurilingual and multilingual environment.