If you want to become a dental hygienist, come and attend our Vocational Education and Training in Oral Hygiene for two academic years. You will practise with real patients in our clinical classroom equipped with 5 dental chairs. Our students, future primary healthcare professionals, are able to provide full oral health care, place pit (small hollows) and fissures (grooves) sealants, apply fluoride varnishes and administer fluoride treatments and, moreover, they often carry out tooth whitening. Furthermore, they perform examinations and provide specific oral hygiene instruction to our primary school children.

Since 2014, the School has collaborated with the Catalan Health Institute ( ICS ) for care for oral health treatments for patients who are in poverty, which are derived from school with the double objective of offering, on the one hand, the students of the oral hygiene training course the opportunity to practice with real patients, so that they could apply the theoretical knowledge acquired and, on the other, to realize an act of solidarity with people who, due to their economic situation, are at risk of social exclusion.

All our teaching staff have a high degree of commitment to teaching. They are dentists and prosthetists who also work part of their work in dental clinics and laboratories. In our opinion, this is the best way to teach a profession and to be able to transmit to the students the changing needs of the dental sector.

From school we promote learning based on the simulation of everyday situations in the workplace. Applying the neurodidactic, we achieve the significant learning of contents linking the theoretical and the practice of pleasant form.

The 2015-2016 course began with an agreement with the International University of Catalonia (UIC), in which the students of the second year of the Dental Prosthesis training cycle perform the prostheses that will be placed on the floor for fourth and fifth year students of the Faculty of Dentistry to attend to patients at risk of social exclusion that they receive through the Red Cross.

Recently, the facilities of the Dental Prosthetics and Oral Hygiene Practices classrooms have been remodeled in order to offer our students the most real working environment.

Our “All-Inclusive” system makes the student have everything necessary to study without extraordinary expenses: Instrumental and hygiene material and dental prosthesis, one, access to our virtual campus, contents … This allows you to study without any hassles or surprises.

*  Conditions applicable during the ordinary duration of these studies (2 academic courses).

Our students receive part of the contents of the cycle in English. Whatever your degree of knowledge of this language, the student can follow the classes without difficulty since we adapt to the different levels present in the classroom

Whatever the student’s teaching methodology (online, classroom or open class), from the beginning of the course, the student has access to our virtual campus where you can find:

• The digitized didactic contents of the cycle, necessary for monitoring the theoretical classes, practices and seminars. These contents can be downloaded to be worked by the student.

News and events of our day to day.

Calendar where you will find the dates of tests, work delivery, exams, relevance events

· Teachers and companions E-mail …

(* Service not included in the course cost)

The students will be able to complement their training with preparatory classes for the PAU with a schedule adapted to their needs.

This training is taught by high school teachers from our center, with extensive experience in the preparation of these tests.

We have collaboration agreements with dental clinics and laboratories throughout Catalonia. Wherever you come from, we will find a company where you can make your practices conveniently. We also have companies to do your training in the dual mode.

Thanks to the relationship between our teaching staff and the dental sector and the years we have been sending students to practice in companies, we have a very active job market in which many clinics and laboratories have been trusting for years.

This service is available throughout the professional life of our students.

All our studies are approved. Take the modality that you take, we guarantee that your theoretical and practical training will be excellent and will allow you to work safely. You just have to choose the one that is most comfortable for you:

• In person: Monday to Friday in the morning shift.

• Open classroom: If you can attend class regularly but your day to day has changing schedules, this is your mode.

• Online: regularly attend the school to perform exams, practices and seminars. It is the easiest way to study comfortably combining work and studies.

• Training stays: If you live far from the school but want to get a degree receiving quality training, find out

The evaluation of the theoretical and practical contents is done continuously, through partial tests and theoretical and practical works:

• Also, in case of not exceeding the contents in the first call, recovery exams are made throughout the course.

• We value at all times what the student is learning. This allows us to modulate the learning process to ensure that everyone reaches content in an appropriate manner.

CFGS HIGIENE BUCODENTAL ( R.D. 769/2017, de 19/09)



Once the oral hygiene training is finished in our school, the student will have made a total of 2,000 hours of training spread over 1584 hours in the center and 416 hours of practice in a dental clinic. The purpose of the practices in the dental clinic is to enhance the skills acquired by the student during the Training Cycle.

The total duration of the training cycle is divided into two academic courses. The hours taught in the center are theoretical and practical, carried out daily in small groups.

The practical training is taught from the first week of the course with real patients.

The evaluation and monitoring of the student is continued. Both theoretically and practically, students will have a personalized follow-up throughout the course.

Students will enjoy talks from professionals in the sector, in order to keep abreast of the latest developments, and will have the opportunity to attend conferences and courses both in our country and Europe * students can participate in school projects and of the neighborhood. (The outputs are not included in the price of the cycle).