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Baccalaureate at Túrbula School

The Turbulent School offers you three itineraries: one aimed at successfully preparing you for the selectivity and access to the career you’ve always dreamed of, and one that trains you competently to fully develop in a training cycle and work like this in your great passion. You will have the opportunity to obtain the American High School Diploma, while also studying the Dual Baccalaureate.

Academic baccalaureate

A two-year stage that allows access to the University and to the Higher Degree training cycles. The baccalaureates we offer in Túrbula are the Baccalaureate in Science and Technology and the Baccalaureate in Humanities and Social Sciences.

The stage consists of two types of subjects, the subjects common to all high schools and those of modality, according to the specialty that our students choose according to their interests.

CFGS-oriented baccalaureate

You still don’t have things clear: keep studying! Today it is mission impossible to find work without higher education. He continues to train and reaches a higher degree directly in just two years. When you finish it, you will know everything because you have received personal and professional advice and you have matured.

If you want to do one of our CFGS at the Turbulent School and you want to secure a place at our school 100%. Our cycles have the highest job placement rates.

Dual Baccalaureate

It is the possibility that the school offers to the students of 3rd of ESO to obtain in three academic courses (from 3rd to 1st of Baccalaureate) the American High School Diploma, title that allows to be able to realize university studies in the United States.

The advantages of studying the Dual Diploma provide our students with a high level of English, an increase in personal autonomy and an optimal use of new technologies.


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