Early Childhood Education

The second cycle of Early Childhood Education (3 to 6 years) is a stage that contributes to emotional and affective, physical development and motor, social and cognitive of children, providing them with a climate and environment of trust where they feel welcomed to grow and learn.

active protagonists of their own learning

Globalized learning

Túrbula School offers a globalized learning, establishing relationships between the contents that are worked respecting the vital rhythms of the child around the three main areas of learning:

  • Knowledge of oneself and others
  • Knowledge of the environment
  • Communication and languages ​​
an experiential, experimental and meaningful way

Infant education in Túrbula School

To promote this development we work based on the interests and experiences of our students and we do it from a experiential, experimental and meaningful way where they are the active protagonists of their own learning.

These learnings are carried out from the approach of challenges, of your curiosity, the motivation , of the game and the movement, very important in this stage.

Through activities where the structure of thought, language and oral expression is worked on, the introduction to a new language, autonomous work, coexistence and respect. The teacher accompanies in the process, creating, helping, encouraging and positively reinforcing their goals, all in one environment quiet and cozy.


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