Childhood Ed.(1st Cycle)

We provide a welcoming and familiar environment that ensures children feel confident and safe to freely explore the space and enjoy free play and experimentation. In this way we will facilitate the motor, cognitive, socio-affective and personal autonomy development of our children.

Childhood Ed.(2nd Cycle)

We respect children’s vital rhythms based on their interests and experiences, ensuring a good predisposition to learn. This, accompanied by the approach of challenges that encourage their curiosity and motivation, will help to achieve optimal development of all our children.

Primary education

We consider emotion to be the engine that activates learning. Socio-emotional education is of fundamental importance for the improvement of personal autonomy and the development of social skills and abilities. At the same time, we will empower our students to be the active protagonists of their learning, encouraging their motivation and enthusiasm to research, create and discover.

We support our students both academically and personally to promote the acquisition of the necessary skills for learning and personal and social development. We respect the diversity of interests and motivations of each of our students, helping them to grow in freedom, to develop critical thinking and self-respect and others.


We promote the tutorial action to accompany and guide students in their maturation and intellectual process by attending to the individual needs of each of them, thus helping them to achieve their future goals. We focus on ensuring the improvement of academic results and personal growth that allow them to be competent, autonomous and critical throughout their future learning and in the world of work.

Access courses training cycles

We offer training aimed at achieving the skills needed to successfully access vocational training courses. We use a methodology based on cooperative work and with frequent simulations of access tests, which will lead our students to achieve their future goals.

Sports vocational cycles

For sports enthusiasts! We use active methodologies that allow a very participatory learning process with content adapted to the needs of the world of work and a close relationship with the most important companies in the sector to do internships and apply for interesting job vacancies.

Health vocational cycles

At the CFGS of Hygiene and Dental Prosthesis we apply a methodology based on the execution of real cases. Both in our internship classrooms and in the more than 200 companies that collaborate with us, students will achieve all the competencies of what their profession will be. FP DUAL.


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