Kindergarten Túrbula Petits

The Túrbula Petits Nursery School was born in the 2012-13 school year in response to the continuing demand from families in the ‘Escola Túrbula and the need for schooling of children in the area in the stage 0 to 3 years . The new project is backed by Túrbula School’s 60 years of experience.



We have New and modern facilities which provide students with a welcoming and family atmosphere. We pay special attention to the creation of spaces and corners where our children can move freely and facilitate spontaneous exploration and play.


Individualized attention

We base our work on the individualized care of children and their families, promoting activities that encourage their involvement and participation and ensure close collaboration between the Kindergarten and the family.

Based on NEURODIDACTICS we consider that motivation, attention, memory and sensory perception are the basic devices that need to be considered in order for there to be solid learning: We only learn from what motivates us. Therefore, MOTIVATION is an essential element of learning. At an early age, the intrinsic motivation of students is very favorable for our work, but we must also take care to encourage extrinsic motivation through attractive proposals for our students.

ATTENTION is the basic psychological process for processing information. Aware that at this stage for us, the children’s care periods are short, we will keep this in mind when preparing and presenting the activities. There can be no learning if we do not memorize what we experience, observe, feel or smell, so we will promote activities that require the exercise of the MEMORY of our children.

The way our students perceive the world around them is through the senses, hence our proposals will be aimed at stimulating SENSORY PERCEPTION.

Early stimulation

With all this as a basis, in addition to programming the activities we keep in mind the work focused on the acquisition of the SKILLS AND CAPABILITIES that students they must reach according to the evolutionary stage in which they are. The first years of a child’s life are the time when more changes take place with less time. Therefore, our daily actions are focused on promoting motor, cognitive, socio-affective and personal development:

  • Engine Development

    Where activities are important in which children can freely explore the space based on their interests, thus gaining security in their movements.
  • Cognitive development

    Stimulating the capacity for observation and abstraction through exploration, discovery, symbolic play, etc. also encouraging communication, both with the adult and with peers.
  • Socio-affective development

    From each of the daily actions we make sure that the student will be in an environment that offers security and affection that will allow him to begin to define his own identity and establish his first social relations.
  • Personal Autonomy Development

    Establishing daily routines that will allow students to achieve greater autonomy in certain habits such as hygiene, eating, sphincter control, etc.

We will focus on the acquisition of autonomy, laying the foundations of what they will need in their passage to the 2nd Early Childhood Education Cycle. That’s why we’ll be working on HABITS AND ROUTINES , which refer to food, personal hygiene, rest, order, relationships and work. Therefore, from home we will be promoting, through different pedagogical proposals, the ‘acquisition of these skills and abilities.

Our METHODOLOGY is characterized by being motivating, active and individualized taking into account the interests and individualities of each child. It is based on experimentation, manipulation, observation and discovery, where boys and girls are the protagonists of their own learning. The contents are worked through two proposals, on the one hand we will do a QUARTERLY PROJECT which will be a joint work between the students, teachers and the involvement of families in the activities around a center of interest.

On the other hand, in the Nursery we prepare SPACES FOR ENVIRONMENTS for which our students move freely according to their interests, promoting their autonomy, personal security, self-esteem and self-confidence.


Teaching staff

Our teaching staff, professionally qualified and personally is characterized by having a special sensitivity, showing at all times an affectionate treatment with children in order to ensure that our students feel safe, loved and, ultimately, become CHILDREN HAPPY !!


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