developing emotional skills

Emotional Education Project

The treatment of emotional education arises in response to unmet needs in the curricular subjects that we consider essential to consider in our educational project.

We understand emotional education as the educational process, continuous and permanent that has as a priority the development of the emotional competencies of our students, enhancing skills and attitudes of recognition and management of emotions and social skills that identify and distinguish them in the their personal, social and professional lives, allowing them to better face everyday challenges.

We also consider the treatment of emotional education as a means of preventing problems and / or disruptive behaviors by providing them with resources and strategies to deal with life experiences.

Through various proposals we want to involve the whole educational community: school staff, students and families, generating a climate of acceptance and tolerance of individual differences. The ultimate goal of emotional education at our center, therefore, is to promote shared habits and attitudes for the entire Educational Community so that our school becomes a community of emotionally healthy and balanced people.

In this way we want to achieve an optimal climate of coexistence in which everyone feels like a prominent member of the center.

That is why we have a team, made up of teaching staff from the different educational stages and administration and services staff of the center that researches, guides and oversees the performance of the overall planning of the Emotional Education Project that is carried out in term in our school.

The success of our project is, on the one hand, the vertical treatment of the project that covers from Kindergarten to post-compulsory studies and, on the other hand, the training and involvement of all the staff of the center.



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