STIMULATE critical thinking

Philosophy 2/18

At Túrbula we want to work and reinforce the thinking skills of our students based on philosophy as a fundamental discipline. It is a transversal project that strengthens the reflective capacity, teaches to think and develops the cognitive skills of students from all areas.

Philosophy 2/18 is worked on at all stages, from the Home, Ed. Infantil, Ed. Primary, ESO and Baccalaureate, according to the age of the students.

The use of critical thinking, the good use of language to express ourselves and reflection, must be able to be part of the daily lives of our students. Starting from a common thread, students will learn to be more attentive to the discourse in order to reflect, argue their opinions and show their critical spirit and, at the same time, respect the opinions and arguments of others.

Having the tools to improve your judgment on any issue, whether curricular or not, will make you competent in the society around you.


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