access to a Higher Degree Training Cycle

CFGS-oriented Baccalaureate

Why is this my itinerary?

  • You want to access a Higher Degree Training Cycle.
  • Baccalaureate is the best route: it is the fastest and the one that ensures you a greater number of places and preference in CFGS (60% !).
  • If you want to do one of our CFGS at the Túrbula school or another Center and you want to secure a place, this training is what you need .
  • Our cycles have the highest job placement rates.
  • You still don’t have things clear: keep studying! Today it is mission impossible to find work without higher education. He continues to train and reaches a higher degree directly in just two years.
  • When you finish it you will have everything clear because you will have received advice and you will have matured and you will be able to choose more confidently your academic and professional future. / span>
Catalan Language and Literature 2 2
Spanish Language and Literature 2 2
Foreign Language 3 3
Physical Education 2 0
Philosophy 2 0
Science for the Contemporary World 2 0
History of Philosophy 0 3
History 0 3
Tutorial 1 1
Mathematics social sciences (required) 4 4
Literatura castellana 2 2
History of the Contemporary World 4 0
Work practice (March-June) 140 0
Geography 0 4
Psychology and Sociology 0 4
Most significant features

Attention to students

  • Accompaniment throughout the two years of the Baccalaureate with the aim of achieving the expected success.
  • Individual attention to the different situations that may occur during this stage.
  • Psychological care through the Centre’s guidance department.
  • Tutoring of each subject through the area teacher-tutor.
  • Support in the learning process through specific material, videos, presentations, e-mail, etc. </ li>
  • Continuous availability of the teacher consults about your needs.
  • Attention to parents through meetings, interviews, telephone, e-mail, the Clikedu program, etc. < / li>
  • Communication of class attendance on a daily basis.
  • Organization of outings, trips, visits to Entities and Universities during group tutoring.
  • English project with the aim of reaching the First level or equivalent .

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