In addition to the dining service, the service of the Midday Club proposes activities for students every school day between 13 and 15 hours.


The monthly fee will be invoiced together with the regular receipt according to the following table:

Midday Club
Price per student and day Academic year 2019/2020
Regular students USEE
7,75€ 11,80€


In order to use this service, the family must deliver a voucher at the Secretary’s office (on the same day before 9:30 a.m.), which they have previously purchased at the indicated price.

To avoid not having a meal voucher when you need it, you can buy a few (5 or 6) and use them whenever you want to. If you do not use all the vouchers during the academic year,  you can exchange them for their total amount at the Secretary’s office at the end of the school year.

Price per day: € 9,00


An 8.50-euro bib must be purchased from the Secretary’s office if you want to use the meal service at the school canteen.

In addition, for 3-year olds a bed sheet for the midday nap must be purchased at the price of 7.50 euros.


  • The registrations and withdrawals must be communicated before the 27th of the previous month, with month payment in advance.
  • Outings and trips: the regular pupils will receive a picnic bag with food and beverages.
  • No refund is given to regular pupils who occasionally do not go on a school trip. Nevertheless, in case of repeated absences for a long time due to illness, it is possible to request the payment of the monthly fee and to pay the trips you went on at a sporadic day price.
  • You must register for the midday supervision in September before the start of classes. The payment for September must be made at the Secretary’s office.
  • Except in the case of Force Majeure and/ or Emergency Situation, students will not be admitted to the midday meals on sporadic days without the corresponding meal voucher previously delivered at the Secretary’s office. In these cases, the cost of the school meal must be paid on the same day.
  • During the midday supervision the rules of coexistence and the corresponding school behavior policy must be applied.


Financial Aid from the Administration can be obtained to partially cover the cost of the school canteen. At the Secretary’s office you will be informed of the application deadlines as well as the documentation that must be provided.

Breakfast at school

Students can order the snack (sandwich) at the secretary’s office, by paying the corresponding price before 9:30 a.m.

The sandwiches are made with fresh bread and tomatoes in the school’s kitchen.