CARTA ECHE 2021-2027 – The European Commission has awarded us the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027
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Erasmus Charter

Thanks to the collaboration between the European Commission and the Turbulent School, with the Erasums + program we can offer our students international projects to expand their knowledge.

Main objective of the project: Exchange of good practices

Project Name: Be GIFTED (Granted, Intelligent, Fascinating, Talented, Educated, Dare Devils)

Start of the project: 01/09/2020

Completion of the project: 31/08/2022

Our project focuses primarily on the problems that high-ability (or really smart) students encounter throughout their lives. According to the UNESCO (CINE) classification of Special Educational Needs (Special Needs for Educational Support), the so-called SEN or NESE students, students with high abilities and talents belong to a category defined as disadvantaged students. We also believe that each person has different types of intelligence (Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences) and should be evaluated by their talents and not using standard criteria. Initially the group consisted of six partners: Slovakia, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Romania and Bulgaria, but due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, Bulgaria will see to abandon the project, We are teachers with different experiences, knowledge and beliefs , but with common goals for our schools.

Currently, in our schools we find many students with high abilities and we consider this our common problem, so we want to cooperate and exchange good practices that allow us to spend quality time with these students. Otherwise, they will be lost as long as we cannot deal with them professionally. We, the teachers, the families and the whole environment, have a lack of information about their psychology, skills and the problems they face in any aspect of their lives. Research shows that they do have some problems especially during adolescence with their peers, teachers and family. Professor Julian Stanley conducted a research ( of 45 years on 5,000 people with high abilities (Mark Zuckerberg and Lady Gaga were among them). According to research, there are some ways to help them be happy and achieve their goals. We prepare the main details and the project plan together with the partners based on this research. We plan our activities in the light of Gardner’s theory of intelligence.

During the first year of the project we will deal with the first module “Social Problems” which has 4 branches: types of intrapersonal, interpersonal, spatial and verbal intelligence. In the second year of the project we will deal with the second module “Academic Problems” with 4 branches: Types of kinesthetic, musical, naturalistic and mathematical intelligence.

Thanks to the planned activities, teachers, families and other people in the immediate environment of these students aim to be more aware of their psychology, their feelings and the academic situations in which they find themselves.

Likewise, our students with high abilities will feel understood and appreciated. We plan to use web2 tools, talent contests, visits to art centers and special care schools, seminars for high-ability people, work with crafts and games and photos, find solutions to environmental problems, prepare calendars, compose and sing songs from rap, draw comics, act out dialogues they have previously written about their academic problems, and so on. With planned activities, high-ability students feel valued, their self-esteem increases, and they will become more sociable and empathetic individuals. In addition, teachers and families will be able to address the problems of high-ability students in a more professional way.

The evaluation will be carried out throughout the duration of the project and different evaluation tools will be used to evaluate the project and its objectives. We will use many different communication materials and disseminate the results of the project in all the native languages ​​of the partner countries and also in English to reach as many people as possible. Our multilingual rap song will also add different value to our project. All the results of the project will be published on the websites of the participating schools, on the project web blog, on the social networks of the schools as well as on the eTwinning platform and the Erasmus + project results platform, which guarantees availability for others. The partner schools will work on the eTwinning platform, Twinspace and will continue to develop activities and create new ones even after the end of EU funding. Students will be in touch through our old eTwinning projects and will continue to develop international relationships and improve communication and English skills with peers from different European countries. With this project we will offer young students the opportunity to learn about different cultures, languages ​​and lifestyles, to understand and respect them. During the 24-month duration of the project, school administrators and ambassadors will meet a total of 6 times.

Each of the partners will organize a project meeting at their school to develop and improve the quality of teacher and student training actions. The first and last meeting will be teacher training activities. Four more meetings will be held with 156 students between the ages of 10 and 15. That way, we can move closer to excellence. If we can properly implement the project in our schools, the precious jewels that are our students will shine brighter.


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